Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's rare in your area?

Styphelia angustifolia
HABITAT: open forest, rocky outcrops
FLOWERING: December - March

This species has a scattered distribution, and has only a few recorded sighting in the area (Lucky for me, there's a shrub growing near my house).

In my area, this species is unusual because it has cream flowers with pink stamens, instead of the ususal pale green flowers.


Rambling Woods said...

That is an interesting plant and I do love to see the flowers..

Vylat said...

Love to see new and interesting flowers. Not familiar with Styphelia. You say it is a rare plant. I hope it is protected.

Judy said...

What a beautiful plant! Sort of candy coloured! I must look it up to see what the green flowers look like, and so on!
Thanks for sharing!